Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The writing fever is back

The writing fever is back! One of the purposes of this blog is to put some structure and yes even discipline around writing. Having a blog to write pushes me to put these crazy plans, thoughts, inspirations and observations down in written form.

I am absolutely amazed that people in over thirty countries around the world have read this blog. Recently, folks from Iran, the Netherlands, Denmark and Nigeria have become readers. That is truly astonishing to me! They found this blog through google and other searches. The power of the internet to connect people with common ideas, viewpoints or challenges is wonderful. It reminds me, once again, how connected we are as human beings in spite of nationality, culture or circumstance. In my opinion, we are connected beyond our common humanity.

We are connected because we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our souls, spirits, energy, essence - use the word that best describes your beliefs, are all connected. And that connection transcends biology, race, gender, geography and even lifetimes. The idea that our energy is all connected fascinates me and explains so much about human behavior and what brings us peace and contentment and dare I say it happiness.

I realize that all of my writing projects currently on paper or in my brain, including a children's picture book, magazine articles, non-fiction book and a novel all have this theme at their core. Interestingly enough, when I am writing or working with this theme in mind "Spirit Connects Us All", the words flow and things fall into place. The stories need to be told and it just might be my place to tell them.

Glad the writing fever is back!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of my friends, family and readers of this blog whom I have never met! This is a day to celebrate all the moms who carry life, give birth, adopt a child, step-parent, foster parent and mentor. A salute to those who love a child, guide a child and share their very heart and soul.

Becoming a mother is such a profound, life changing experience that it is almost impossible to describe to someone who has not heard the words.."MOM- where is my backpack?, MOM, can we go shopping.., "Mommy, I love you." My daughters fill my heart with such joy and light that I can't really even remember, or maybe I don't want to remember life without them. I remain convinced that we have been together in previous lives. Yes, I believe in reincarnation and this dance of life that we experience together is one of a number of times we have laughed, loved and learned as a family. We are connected on levels that are far deeper than biology or environment- our very souls are linked.

While the journey to become a mother to my daughters feels magical, an act of destiny and full of love, I am reminded on days like today that there is sadness beneath the joy. There are two women in China who weren't able to keep and raise their baby daughters. They took their infants to public places, wrapped them in blankets and left them for authorities to find. Those sweet babies where taken to orphanges and then made their way into my arms as my own daughters through adoption. I have no judgement here- the pressure on women to give birth to sons, the one couple/one child policy in China, poverty and a patriarchal society is an intense combination. I can't imagine the pain and sorrow that the birthmothers felt and probably still do. Their loss became my joy.

My heart breaks for these women- my daughters' birthmothers. I wish we knew them. I have to believe that somehow they know that those babies are now beautiful girls who are beloved and treasured. I take some spiritual comfort in the fact that I believe that I am connected to these women as well. This tangle of emotions and connection that wrapped our lives together was deliberate and meant to provide us all with lessons and purpose.

So on this special day, I celebrate all the wonderful moms across the world. Mothers are powerful in ways that can truly change history. The love we feel for our children spans generations, distance, race, boundaries and lifetimes.