Monday, September 12, 2011

Spiritual lessons-your stories needed

Isn't it wonderful how sometimes one when area of your life seems to get on track- others fall in line as well? You become inspired to keep going, moving forward and to try new projects or pull an old dream off of the shelf and start again.

For me- I got an amazing new job and at the same time was able to move forward with my children's book - "Together Again" which will be published hopefully by the holidays. While working on revising the manuscript and explaining the concept to the illustrator, I was struck with how much more I need to write.

The book is about the adoption of a baby girl from China and the experiences that she and her mother have in finding one another again. Yes, I said again, because I am attempting to include some key spritual principles in the book- ideas that I am finding are radical to some folks. I believe that we are all connected at a soul/spiritual level, that we plan our lives with divine guidance before birth and that the people who surround us are here on purpose. In terms of adoption, this includes children, siblings, parents and birthparents-all connected in unique ways and all with a role to carry out, a purpose to serve and a lesson to learn or to teach. My book editor resisted a bit- wanting to remove the early references to being in heaven before we are born (she thinks it will be confusing to young children) and eliminating the birthmother from the story all together. I cannot do either as it would the essence and purpose of the whole book. Plus, I believe that young children actually have the purest and most open spiritual perspectives of all, many talk about being with God and often see angels. Of course, a birthparent must be included in any adoption story - they are part of our lives and not people to be demonized or ignored.

This will all be ironed out in editing. I will add some language that will make the concepts clearer for children but will not compromise my vision for the book. Can you imagine the hoopla that would have occurred if I had included reincarnation into the story? The conversations have helped me realize that I really must go forward with two other pieces of writing - a novel with a reincarnation theme to be titled "When Earth Turns Over Heaven" and a non-fiction book called "Spirit Connects Us All."

The non-fiction piece will be a compilation of real life stories of families that have come together in unique ways and reinforce the message that spiritual connections not biology are the true foundation for a family. There are some amazing adoption stories out there not to mention deep relationships with step parents and foster families. Some of the connections, twists of fate (like the woman who adopted from China twice, years apart from different orphanages and ended up raising daughters that she found out were full biological sisters- there HAS to be a divine hand in that) and paths that lead us together are fascinating. Do you know someone with a story to tell about how their family was built - put them in contact with me!

I will continue to edit my book without compromise and look for new ways to communicate that spirit really does connect us all!