Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good enough??

Do you ever feel pulled in so many directions that it doesn't seem that you are accomplishing much at all? Be it your boss, work pressures, kids, home repairs, financial pressures,family, friends - you name it. You want to be there for everyone yet often feel as though you end up not doing anything to the best of your abilities? For my single parent friends - ever feel really tired of doing it all by yourself and feel even worse that your kids just don't get what other kids do? Either not as much of your time because you are working/traveling to pay the bills or they don't get to take karate right now or have a Wii because it just is not in the budget. The balancing act can sometimes make me want to pull the covers up over my head and shut out the world for a while.

I try to then re-focus myself back to reality and the fact that it is impossible to make everyone happy, meet all expectations, be the perfect mother, the most appealing and attactive date (some of the requirements of those in the online dating world are interesting- but that is another post), a great daughter/sister/friend/colleague all of the time. Sometimes you just have to call "uncle", wave the white flag and do the best that you can. Perhaps, just perhaps, others are not expecting top performance all the time (OK maybe our bosses are- LOL) and the pressure is sometimes self-imposed.

When life and expectations get overwhelming, I have decided to try a new tactic. My life is filled with amazing and interesting people. I find people- how they think, feel, and experience life to be fascinating. Maybe this is why I enjoy books and movies; the chance to experience life through another's person's world. It is helpful for me to focus on these amazing people and getting to really know them instead of worrying about my to do list and my "I did not get it done very well at all" list.

Interestingly enough, most people tend to be less hard on us than we are on ourselves. Perhaps others are feeling just as pulled as I am. Time to take a deep breath, be really present with those around me, really focus on the little girl(s) behind those knowing brown eyes and realize that sometimes that is enough.

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