Tuesday, January 18, 2011

snow and intuition...

How often do you listen to that little voice in your head? Not a big voice telling you to do illegal things - but the quieter one, the sense of knowing what to do or what decision to make. Is it your conscience, your heart, divine guidance, a whisper from an angel or your own unique brand of well worn wisdom? Whatever you call it, in my experience- that voice is usually right on target.

Occasionally, when life gets busy and crowded, it becomes hard to hear and sometimes even harder to listen to that voice. Sometimes it is loud and clear - like a warning bell and at other times it is much softer. I find that I am more likely to ignore this wisdom when I don't quite like what it has to say, perhaps I need to make a significant change in my life that seems impossible, a relationship is no longer working, or I should do something that I have been avoiding.

Intuition is like the snowstorms so many of us have experienced lately. It starts off as beautiful soft flakes- light, fun to play with and lovely. It can then become deeper, distracting and insistent that you pay attention. Sometimes when ignored, the guidance gets stronger and uncomfortable - like the pellets of an ice storm.

I am trying to do a better job of not only listening to my guidance but actually acting on the wisdom that I receive...no matter how uncomfortable it may be. I will take a beautiful snowfall over an ice storm any day.

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