Monday, March 5, 2012

Must politics always get so nasty?

It is that time of year again in the U.S.- we are gearing up for a presidential election. The gloves have come off and the nastiness is in full swing- candidates in the primary airing negative ads about one another and of course name calling between parties and candidates. Poitical pundits, talk show hosts and bloggers feel free to join the fray as well. Lies, taunts and name calling- are we in elementary school? No, I am afraid not, these are grown-ups and they are acting in ways that we would counsel our children against.

The reason for the meanness and vitriol? Well, the other person has the audacity to have a differing opinion or share an opposite point of view. That does not make them evil, nazis or sluts. The funny thing that people have forgotten is that this is America, a country founded on that exact principle - that you are entitled to hold your own beliefs. You have the freedom to practice or NOT practice a religion, you can be a Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, member of the Tea Party, Occupy Movement, Independent, Green Party or apathy party if you want.

So why has this whole election gotten so angry and mean? This country has been in far tougher times before without having to get so vicious with one another in order to make changes. Why the personal attacks, disrespect, name calling and attacks based on gender? What is wrong with a rational debate, discussion of the issues and explanation of different viewpoints? Voters then choose the candidate that best represents their personal opinion of how the country should be managed. And then, guess what- sometimes in a country with varying opinions, you have to find common ground and compromise to get the work done.

How did we get so polarized and lose our focus as a people? When did we lose our ability to see one another's humanity and spiritual connectedness even if we disagree? I guess our politicians and party leaders think Americans are stupid and not able to make an informed choice so they feed us lies, soundbites, negativity and well..... crap. I have greater faith in the American people whom I think are getting fed up and tired of listening to all of the cruelty and PR spin. I hope the politicians are listening to us.

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  1. I hope the politicians are listening, too! I agree with you. Let's have civil discourse and real discussions, not all this....crap. ;-)